Today is a special day! Today is your birthday!

I sit here at a lost for words and in a confusion of where to begin this special message. Yes me! At a lost for words. And if I know you, you are laughing right now. Your wife always has words, even when you wish I didn’t, even when you don’t want to hear them, I have words and things I always want or ‘need’ to say. But today is your birthday and to begin to truly tell you how much I am grateful for this day is leaving me a little choked up. There are no amount of words to truly explain everything you are to me.

I sit here and stare at the computer screen, I pull up you tube and type in our wedding song. I pause and soak in the sweet memories of our special day. I feel so much. So deeply for you. Where do I begin… Next I opened a file of photos of you and Odin and thats all it takes. Suddenly the feelings and words spill out before me…..

I want you to know how special you are to me and how incredible of a man I think you are. I want you to know how grateful and thankful I am for you, and for this day. Today marks the day of your birthday, the day the world was granted with your beautiful soul. You shine and radiate some of the most wonderful energy. You have enriched my life Tuk and continue to do so with optimism, trust and the truest form of love I have ever felt. I cherish the days we spend together at the lake, taking Odin for walks or tangled up in each other on our couch. Tuk, you are my best friend and I feel so grateful to walk this life with you.

My wish for you today is to smile at life and know that a silly number means nothing, but the impact you have made on my life means everything to me.

I look forward to a lifetime of ‘happy birthdays’ with you, my love xox

May is also the month that Odin was born! Happy 4th Birthday to our little guy! I can not believe how fast the last four years have gone by.

You have brought us unconditional love and the deepest unspoken friendship. You have never spoken even one word to me and I feel so incredibly close to you.

Happy Birthday my litte O-man!!

I love you two more then any words I can write here today, more then any definition of love spelt out by webster, more then life itself.

Up until I met the two of you, I truly didn’t understand the meaning of life, of living and of loving. Thank you for always loving me and filling my life with so much happiness.

Jessica xox