Rachel & Tye are about to become parents and I feel honoured to be documenting this remarkable time in their lives.

We walked along the beach soaking in the most beautiful sunlight. Rachel and Tye always hand in hand, even when it wasn’t asked of them for a photo. It’s was just them. They loved one another so deeply and I could feel their passion, love and most of all excitement to be embarking on this journey into parenthood together.

I guess its a question most ask when you are expecting… “So”, I said. “Are you having a boy or a girl”.

Rachel in her bubbly voice replied almost instantly; “Well you see there is only a few real surprises left in life. We want to wait and be surprised by their gender when they enter the world.”

Reflecting on the true meaning behind her words I thought ‘how beautiful’.

I always thought when it came my turn to grow and create a life I would for sure want to know. I never have been one for surprises. Looking back on my childhood, I was always that anxious kid peeling back the tape of our christmas presents taking a peep at what was inside. I was excited. I couldn’t wait. I needed to know! But christmas of ’09 was the year that my ‘sneek a peek’ routine ended with karma getting me good.I went on thinking for two weeks that I was getting this beautiful winter jacket, later watching my sister open it. I was devastated that I had to watch her wear that beautiful jacket the rest of the winter. And the thing was I couldn’t even tell anyone why I was upset, because the punishment that would come along if my mom found out I had been sneaking at presents would be much worse.

But hearing Rachel explain her reasoning on waiting for the surprise in such a authentic way put a little spin on things for me. Maybe I wouldn’t find out. Maybe just once I would surprise myself? I guess we will wait and see!


Fusion videos are simply slideshows of photographs accompanied with short video clips set to music.

Rachel and Tye were my first clients to receive this fusion piece as part of their session, so please have a look. I’d love to hear what you think of it.

At one point I had to take my sandals off just to dig my toes into the sand a bit.

How blessed I thought… I am to be able to work with my toes in the sand, the sun warming my face and love infront of me. How lucky I am for this life!

Jessica xo