To say it was beautiful would be an understatement. To tell you how uplifted and inspired it made me feel… well there just wouldn’t be enough words to do just that. This trip has left me in awe of this beautiful country!

We spent two days exploring Jasper and Lake Louise! We saw among so many beautiful sights; The bluest waters of Lake Moraine, felt the cold crisp water of Bow Lake, enjoyed a camp fire lunch on a quiet river in Jasper, canoed among the mountains on the beautiful Lake Louise, enjoyed a night stay at a beautiful hostel in the village of Lake Louise, held hands on the gondola as we rode up to the mountains, felt the power radiate off the Athabasca Falls, drove along the Ice Fields parkway, hiked and held each other as we overlooked Peyto Lake, reflecting always on how grateful we feel to be living this life. Together.

This trip has given me time to reflect, time to appreciate and time to truly fall a little more in love with this life. Deep thoughts occupying my mind constantly, waiting to be poured out. My head dances around the topic about time. Time is tricky! Weeks, months and years go by sometimes with nothing ever really changing. And then all it takes is one day, one hour, sometimes even one second for something to happen. And all of a sudden you feel reborn again and you are left feeling like a brand new person. A person you never expected to meet.

So I will leave you here with this thought….

The time you spend letting the wind blow through your hair or letting the sun kiss your cheeks do yourself a third favour by truly listening to the universe whisper in your ear. In that moment, you will feel the most alive. This I Promise.