Friends for over 20 years and now business partners! Nikki and Sarah are fabulously styled and put together professionals, always offering a mix of modern, fun and unique wedding and event stationery of all kinds.

I met with them before the shoot to introduce myself and hear about the story of their business. I loved watching the two of them smile, hold their heads high and talk so proudly of their little company. I love that! I love when passion meets a career and comes through in conversation. It drives me to create photographs to match that and its one of the things that makes this project so much fun. I love the idea of showcasing who they are as people also, and not just the beautiful stationery they so evidentially create. I left that first meeting inspired and anxiously to work with the two of them on this fun, creative shoot.

Together we brainstormed. They wanted fun, colourful, summer inspired with just the slightest flare of carnival. But they are also friends beyond business partners, I wanted that to also come across in this series.

I’m sure you will agree with me that these two ladies are all things fabulous and the product that they produced for this shoot was outstanding!

So give them a shot, contact them here for your stationery needs.

Don’t forget to tell them I sent you!

Nikki & Sarah,

You two have inspired me with your creativity and beautiful souls. You were an absolute pleasure to work with.

I truly am looking forward to building a friendship with you ladies for years to come.

Cheers to being fabulous!!


It’s a fun little personal project I have started this year.

The idea is to work with some of the talented niagara wedding vendors.

Showcasing not only their beautiful products, but their beautiful selves.

The session is lightly styled and takes place either at your work location or outdoor.

I feature one business per month!

Want to get involved?

Shoot me an email.

BIG THANKS to my sister Chantelle for doing hair and makeup for this shoot!

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Love Life,