Kelowna was a place my husband use to call home for a couple of years before meeting me. It was nice to meet some of his old friends, enjoy a couple of dinners out, ride our bikes along the lake and explore the lake on a boat one evening as the sun set behind us. It was a beautiful couple of days and I feel grateful to have seen and experienced Kelowna.

After spending a couple of days in the Kelowna sunshine we headed for the pacific coast line. A ferry ride and countless hrs of driving later, we finally made it to Tofino.

I experienced a lot of ‘firsts’ while we were in Tofino. It was my first time on a ferry, my first time seeing wild life in their natural environment and THAT was really cool!  Whales were swimming freely around the boat, seal lions were sun bathing on the rocks, bald eagles were flying over head and the cutest little otter was leisurely laying on his back hanging out in the water. They weren’t threatened by us or scared. It was a beautiful time of witnessing the harmony of life. I had only ever seen animals in aquariums so a whale watching excursion was on my list of ‘must dos’. We surfed in the ocean, well I attempted to surf and you would have thought my husband had done it a few times before. But regardless it was fun to crash and bail into the waves and taste the salt water in my mouth. Fun indeed!

British Columbia – The land of the spirited souls.

I felt an immense amount of energy from the universe in those couple of days. Sitting and watching a sunset has never been more moving then the night we sat upon the rocks overlooking the harbour as the last of the day’s ships found their way in.

Every moment spent in BC was breathe taking, moving, and self rewarding. I can’t wait to make our way back their some day.

*I hope you have enjoyed our photos, stories and being apart of this amazing cross country journey with us. I have loved sharing it all with you!

Peace & Love to you all!