It started out as a trip to Calgary to visit my friends and then later through a lot of discussion turned into a three week adventure across this beautiful country. We always wanted to make this road trip happen, we talked about it regularly. It was something we wanted to experience before starting a family of our own. And so we made a plan and we are doing it. Simple as that!

Day One: We left our home late Wednesaday evening on July 10 and since then we have embarked on a few little journeys. The first day we drove about 13 hrs and set up camp just out of Sault Saint Marie. That was a beautiful camp spot, right along Lake Superior. We slept for a solid ten hrs that night. Listening to the waves crash just feet from our tent brought us both into the deepest sleep. The birds chirped in harmony as the sun came up the next morning and we left that first night feeling recharged, inspired and full of the deepest form of life.

Day Two: Another day of driving. This time to Thunder Bay, where I met with one of my wedding couples for 2014. Kayla and Chris are going to school in Thunder Bay but are planning for their Niagara wedding for fall 2014. Seeing as how it is so far from where we live, they were going to for go their engagement session. But I wouldn’t have that. If I could accommodate them then I most absolutely will. Engagement sessions are my favourite thing next to photographing your wedding day. I feel these sessions are crucial. Crucial to building a relationship with my clients and crucial in figuring out how the two of you photograph in front of a camera. It’s my first time I get to work on breaking down barriers, work through shyness and connect the two of you through my photography. I’m very excited to share their session. I will probably wait to share when I return home.

After their session we decided to just keep driving. But come 3am, we were both so tired that we pulled off the trans canada highway to shut our  eyes for a couple of hrs. Not the most ideal sleep, but it did the trick.

Day Three: Driving, driving and more driving. We made it all the way just past Winnipeg. We set up camp, had dinner over the fire, enjoyed a few beers and caught up on some much needed sleep.

Day Four: The big drive and push to Edmonton.And after 13hrs on the road we made it. Big thanks to our friend Steve for his hospitality and giving us a place to stay for two nights.

Day Five: Rainy day in Edmonton! But this made for a good day to spend at the West Edmonton Mall. Me and Tuk have never been so it was on our list to see. Im not really a girl who loves shopping and the mall. The only time I go is with a purpose, never to just walk around and see what new fashion my money can buy. It doesn’t interest me and I don’t find it enjoyable, but everyone gives this mall such hype that it left me curious to see what it is all about. And it was big, thats for sure. And so we played tourist! We walked through a touching exhibit, we watched a sea lion show, we rode their roller coaster, we played a 7d moving theatre game, I did shop a bit…but only in one store, grabbing two new dresses and a cute new romper. The mall was fun! And the hrs in there went by fast. We later enjoyed a dinner and drinks with another one of my husband’s friends.

Day Six: Our drive to Grande Cache to visit Liam! Once we arrived here and settled in, we went for a hike into the mountains, set up a fire beside the lake for dinner and enjoyed a book and a glass of wine while the boys ‘attempted’ to fish but the fish out smarten them.

Day Seven: Today we are off to Jasper and Lake Louise. Pics, stories and reflections to follow.

Life is truly about the moments that make up the stories of our lives. I have always wanted a life story I would be thrilled to share with my children, my grandchildren, a life lived to be proud of. I love travel. I love adventures. I love new. I have a wandering soul, one that just wants to go, hates to stay for too long but also finds the comfort in home, in the familiar. Ask my husband and he will tell you… Im always thinking of the next thing. Even if we just plan an all inclusive, I’m always searching of what is happening outside of the fancy resort. We always venture into whatever village of city is closest, always looking for the adventure and to experience the new culture. Our life is best defined in our moments of exploring the world together.

Remember: Life has the potential to be a whole lot of amazing!

Thinking of you always,

Jessica xo