2013! A year of breathing deep, feeling deeper, and a huge life lesson on learning to appreciate the beauty in the quiet moments and falling head over heals in love with the simplicity of life!

This year has slapped me on the wrist a couple of times, has had my heart pumping with excitement, has had me doubting my life path, has kept me on my toes, has had me pat myself on the back, has brought me to tears, has kicked me while I was down, has lifted me higher when I was up and all the while keeping me hungry for more. All in all… 2013 has been a roller coaster of a ride! But would I change it? NO WAY! I’ve grown a lot this year as a business owner, as a wife and as a person. I have learned lessons that are sure to last me a life time. Lessons on business decisions, lessons on friendship, lessons on hard work and countless lessons on scheduling my time effectively. I’ve learnt amongst so many things the importance of loving myself first.

It is easy to sit and reflect on things we want to change, things we don’t like about our lives, about our bodies – things we wish could be different. But the real challenge in life sometimes is making a list of the things we are doing right – things we wouldn’t change at all.

Among the appreciation to have been asked to be apart of documenting the love stories, growing families, new life, baby showers, showcasing the beauty of women during boudoir sessions, corporate events, charitable events, family connections, giggling children, business showcases and more. I completed personal goals this year, created and shared in life moments that will forever stamp 2013 as a beautiful year in my heart forever.

My Top 3 Favs Of 2013!

  1. Renovating the entire upper level of our home to create a separate space away from our living quarters for Jessica Little Photography and although it’s not exactly where I want it to be yet in terms of updating a few things and decorating, I’m beyond thankful and thrilled to have an oasis of my own. It was important for me to achieve this goal this year and I can’t tell you how thankful I am to have had my husband and step father step up and help me on this project! Again the men in my life prove to be my go to people, and the ones who I can on countless occasions fully count on. To them, I owe so much.jlp-171
  2. Me and my husband crossed something off our life bucket list as we enjoyed an unforgettable three week adventure across Canada. This past July we started in Niagara and made our way all the way to the Pacific Coast. Those three weeks were an awakening for my soul, a time of deepest reflection but above all else allowed me to fall deeper in love with this man I call my husband. He is my truest friend and I’m thankful every day to share my life with him.
  3. And another ‘first’ – I received the news that I’m going to be an auntie for the very first time! I can’t begin to truly describe my excitement for my sister Chantelle, Matt and for our family. This little boy will be the first grandchild for our family and we are all so anxious to meet him this coming spring!


I can’t end this post without a ‘little’ love letter….

Dear Family, Friends, Clients & Supporters of JLP

With out you… there is no me!

I owe you countless hugs and a few more then I can count on two hands and two feet – thank you’s! You are my reason for what I do. Your stories and allowing me into your lives this year has been such a blessing to my business and most importantly my heart. I create the best when you allow yourself to open up for me and show my camera your truest emotions. I have found comfort in your stories and contentment in your words. You have supplied me with vino for late night edits and somehow know exactly when I’m needing a peep talk, a push, or a simple thank you.

I owe my husband a huge wet kiss for being my number one! Without him… there most certainly would not be a ‘Jessica Little Photography’! He is my strength, my voice of reason, my biggest cheerleader and my truest friend. The support I get from him is like none other then I have felt my entire life. I have so much to thank him for, and that in itself could be a lengthy blog post.

So again, from my beating romantic heart – thank you for a beautiful year my friends!

Jessica xo.

(a few moments I shared with you, a few of the THOUSANDS of photos I have had the privilege of capturing in 2013)

Photography is more about who I am, then what I do!

My connection to my clients runs deeper then just snapping photos. I have always felt the need to connect with my clients personally so that there may be a level of trust, security but most importantly so that you feel comfort in allowing yourself to truly be at ease letting your deepest emotions shine.

In these unspoken moments, I am able to capture photos that relive moments, connections and emotions. I am a photographer who will feel your vows, shed a tear with you, laugh with you, put my camera down for a few minutes to share a dance with you, toast to your marriage, always offer you a hot tea, a listening ear, or advice in the craziness of planning a wedding. My gift is capturing photos that will eventually me momentous because photography isn’t what I do, it’s who I am.