There is something so refreshing that comes along with opening a fresh new calendar! The crisp blankness of it leaves so much to the imagination. What adventures await you are sometimes unknown and although I certainly try my best to make a list of self and business ‘to-do’s’, you just never know what direction you are truly headed. But I love the not always knowing, the fun that comes with the not always planning.

Now this is coming from a girl who is old school and still writes pen to paper the outline of her month, week, even day – often colour highlighting everything so there’s a clear indication of what fits where. I tried the new age sync this to that, blah blah blah. But I never liked it. I’m a visual person. My desk calendar, fancy pens and coloured markers work great for me.

So my friends… its time to Shout… “OUT with the OLD, IN with the NEW!” And man am I excited for all that is to come in 2014! The new year will bring a new all in one website for JLP, so no more separate blog and website… it will all be compiled to one site with a mobile option as well. The expected completion of the new site will be mid Febraury and I’m so excited to show it off. I’ve said it before… flash based websites (although super cheap and a great alternative for a new business owner) SUCK! I’ve had a headache of a time with mine! I will be happy to see it go!

And although the new website is our biggest plan in terms of business investment for the new year, I do have a few other things up my sleeve. I’ll keep those other things a secret – a chance for you to use your imagination.

What exciting things await you this new year?

Love Life,

Jessica xo.