So it’s offical… I am an auntie! What an overjoying feeling that this has been.

Oliver’s arrival was planned, as my sister was admitted into the hospital last Thursday morning to start her induction. 15hrs after arriving at the hospital my sister finally went into active labour, and for the next 15hrs, breathed through some intense contractions. It had seemed as though time was going extra slow for those two long days but I was so happy to be apart of it.

April 11th at 4:08pm, weighing 8 pnds, 6 oz. Oliver was born in the new St.Catherine’s general hospital and he is flawlessly perfect!


Welcome to this life beautiful baby boy! You are such a lovely, itty-bitty bundle of love.

May you always know how loved you are!

Love Always,

Auntie Jess! xox


I hope you enjoy the story of little Oliver’s birth.