A beautiful May wedding that took place here in Niagara. Queenston Heights served as the most elegant backdrop for Steph and Matt’s special day.

I loved Steph and Matt’s decision to forego a traditionally ‘wedding party’. Only having each of their sisters stand up for them, allowed the focus of the wedding day to be the two of them and most of the photos left to highlight the love they so evidentially share. It was the perfect element to this intimate, heartfelt day!


Steph & Matt -Congratulations again, it was an absolute honour to be apart of this love story. May the two of you always connect so effortlessly, allowing yourselves to always be in beautiful harmony with one another.

Enjoy a peek into their day! I apologize in advance for the abundance of photos I am about to share with you. I just truly had such a hard time narrowing them down. Steph and Matt’s love shined all day, making their love the focal point of their wedding day. And me and love, well we go together

Jess, xo


The two friends who are responsible for setting Steph & Matt up;

And they all held each other, dancing in the most intimate way..