Becky came across my work on Facebook, when I photographed one of her friend’s maternity photos a few years back. It was that session that led her to my business page. Which I guess is the whole purpose of Facebook sharing, tagging and marketing. It’s a social media platform that often makes me shake my head, roll my eyes or grunt at my computer screen. It’s ever changing layouts and functions are hair pulling at times and the keyboard warriors really get to me some days. I really wish people lived more in the present moments of life, then hide behind their screens. But it’s time like these when I feel fortunate for this hair pulling social media site. When someone as genuine and sweet as Becky reaches out to me and is interested in having me document a little piece of their life, this allows my heart to appreciate the real life connections Facebook has brought me.

So when Peter asked Becky for her hand in marriage, she contacted me about photographing some engagement and wedding photos for them and I truly couldn’t be happier that she did! Corresponding back and forth through messages was the beginning of what I am sure will be a beautiful friendship.

Originally from Niagara but now living out West, these two are planning and preparing for their Niagara wedding next June. And I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t over the moon excited to capture more of their love!


Enjoy a peek at their engagement session,

With love bursting from my heart,

Jess xo.