There’s so much to say about this couple. From the moment they walked over to my booth at the Niagara Wedding Show, and later sitting down with me for our initial consultation in my office, I just knew that they were a perfect photo match for me. They were two people I connected with instantly, their love poured out of them and the excitement to join together in marriage was freshening to see, hear and witness. They were open in their story telling of how they met, how he asked and the stunning journey of how they got to this point. My desire was huge to book this couple and I felt so blessed when they chose me.

Their engagement session last summer at Port Dalhousie was a sure indication that their hearts were filled with kindness as they sent me home with a delicious bottle of vino. You see they are the giving type and their kindness radiates from their souls. When I was introduced to the two sets of parents who were responsible for raising such wholesome individuals, it was apparent to me that kindness was this families’ motto. They have a way of making you feel like one of the family. Mine and their souls are made of the same. This is why the journey that has brought us to this point was one I cherished every minute of it. They would rather a hug then a hand shake, they care enough to ask a dozen of more times if you have everything you need, well in reality I had more then I could have ever asked for. ‘Can I make you a coffee?’, ‘are you hungry?’, ‘have you eaten enough?’, ‘water?’, as I packed up my bag to head to the next location. And later approaching me at the reception to ask me again if I was ok, if I had everything I needed, or to let me know I could put my camera down for a moment and just enjoy myself.

I was paid as a wedding vendor to be present at Elizabeth and Nathan’s wedding, but this family did not make me feel like hired help in the slightest way. Their caring, compassionate souls is what I yearn to find in this business. It makes my job worth waking up for, actually excited to wake up for! It makes me want to work that much harder, it makes me fully present in their moments and it makes me feel appreciated to the one hundredth degree.

You are about to see the biggest collection of photos from one wedding I have ever shared on the JLP blog, I just couldn’t help myself. This day was absolutely beautiful. The family, the friends, the wedding party, the couple -all top notch in my books! A day filled with so much love and a true joining of two families.

I can’t express my gratitude enough to be responsible for documenting such a beautiful love story.

Enjoy a peek at their wedding day!

With endless love, Jessica!