My favourite Keller family is expanding and I couldn’t be more excited for them. They have been blessed with a beautiful little girl who they continue to shower with the most obvious love. And now they await their little boy – what a perfect little missing puzzle piece to their already beautiful lives.

I thought today would be a perfect day to share this post, as Matthew is celebrating his birthday! So a warm ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY’ to you! I hope you truly take some time to reflect on all you have been granted in this life and how blessed you are. You have a wife who supports and backs you up and a little girl who’s eyes shine in your presence. You are loved pal. Hope you feel that a little extra today. Cheers to you!

A big thank you goes to Leanne and Matthew for allowing me to continue to document such beautiful moments in your lives. Your belief and faith in me since the very early years of my career has never gone unnoticed. I will forever be thankful. –When I read your email about expecting this sweet little baby, my eyes puddled with tears and excitement filled my heart. There is no two people whom I think deserve this happiness more. Congratulations again! I can not wait to meet him! I know he will be nothing short of perfection 😉

Jess, xo