Every time I sat with Kala, it was like sitting with an old friend. Our connection came easy and conversations always flowed so effortlessly. Having coffee dates with her was always something I looked forward to. -Thats truly one of my favourite parts of being your photographer. Getting to know you along the way is just as important to me as spending the wedding day capturing your story. ‘Lets not be strangers’, I often say, ‘lets feel more like friends’. Although the reality is this gig has a lot of ‘business’ components to it and there are certainly couples who choose to keep it that way. I can and will always respect that. I’d be a fool to think I’m going to feel like best friends with everyone at the end of this experience, and ultimately I am here to deliver you with a collection of images that are professional and reflect your wedding day. But please don’t mistake the fact that, I would always prefer a hug over a hand shake. And the out pouring of my heart and photography is an investment and further more a reflection of your love. Therefore allowing me to get just a little closer to who you really are, just makes this experience a little more beautiful for me, and it definitely will for you as well.

Kala and Joe’s wedding day was similar to a lover quietly whispering in your ear, tickling it with ‘I love you’s’. It was soft, gentle and often left you covered with goosebumps. The morning was spent apart, Kala sipping the traditional wedding morning mimosa’s with her ladies in a hotel suite and Joe sharing in a toast of shots with his groomsmen at his parents home. The ceremony was short and sweet to the point of beautiful vows and signing the papers, legally uniting these two lovers in marriage.  We had a romantic photo shoot at Battlefield park in Hamilton and later celebrated their marriage with friends and family at the Grand Olympia in Stoney Creek.

Wishes for a lifetime of happiness, always.

Jess, xo!