Dear beautiful friend,

I remember chatting about this moment over the course of our friendship countless times, always secretly wanting it to happen in sync with each other. And I can’t think of another girl friend with whom I would want to share baby stories with, attend prenatal yoga, share a plate of pickles, or giggle at the expected body changes in which come along with carrying a child. We have embarked on some beautiful journeys together and share in some sweet memories, but this surpasses all of those moments and sits at the fore front of my heart. To have our children grow along side of each other is something that is incredibly special to me.

I hope you know how beautiful of a person you are. You have been someone I’ve held close to my heart for over twelve years. I can not wait to meet sweet baby Cash. I know he will be nothing short of amazing, he is after all a piece of you.

With love in my heart,

Jess, xo!