I’ve been waiting until the right time to publicly announce this beautiful news, admittedly in fear that it would scare some 2015 couples seeking my services. I have been honest with those who have booked my services for next year, especially those May couples 😉 Who will kick off my 2015 wedding season for JLP.

However this belly isn’t so easy to hide any longer and its about time that I confess my little secret. —- Me and my dear husband are indeed expecting our first child and with joy in our hearts we anticipate their arrival March 2015! So… now you’re putting two and two together right?!! How the heck is she going to shoot weddings you ask… two months after giving birth? How will she juggle it all? My friends and family can be a testament to my juggling skills, which I have acquired over years of putting way too much on my plate and not feeling full unless its heaping with piles of work and things to get done. I’m not going to begin to lie here folks, motherhood scares the crap out of me and it will be the biggest challenge and adjustment to our lives. But we are ready for it. More now then ever!

I don’t want my pregnancy to scare any couple, or to put doubt in my existing clients minds, in thinking for a second that my role in being a photographer will ever be kicked to the curb. I love this job! I have fought and sacrificed so much to build this little company and it brings me so much joy watching it continue to grow. In the planning for this child, I made it most clear to my husband that in no way would I jeopardize the promise in which I have made to many couples to be present on one of the biggest days of their lives. So that meant saying no to some couples who inquired about my fall 2014 and clearing my schedule for six months to give us the opportunity to ‘try’ to get pregnant. Friends and family repeated in my ear how ‘you can’t always plan for these kinds of things Jess’, ‘you shouldn’t make the planning stressful’, ‘just go with the flow’, ‘when it happens, it happens’. But there frustrating words aside, I planned and gave myself a deadline of six months to conceive! And long and behold on the very last month in my plan, I peed a ‘positive’ and in that moment, our lives would be changed forever.

So just as my new babe will be the apple of my eye, JLP will always remain just as important to my heart and well being.

I anticipate sharing this experience via my blog and I hope you can find excitement in this new journey for us as well.

With love,