She saw photos of a wedding I shot last winter and Natalie put me in her memory bank for when Lee would pop the big question. So when he did, she reached out via email to set up a meeting. The sweet nature in which their love blooms from was sitting in front of me in my office that afternoon and it was a true pleasure to observe. They shared their wedding plans and their hopes for their wedding images. I was pleased to hear from Natalie very shortly after, wanting to secure their wedding date for 2015.

Lee cracked jokes the entire session! You would think he was nervous about having his photo taken or something. I thoroughly enjoyed their witty sides! Trust me, Natalie can hold her own in giving a few pokes in the punch line as well. But among the laughter, I did manage to photograph the calm, secure love that these two so evidently share also. I always emphasis that a relationship has two sides. We are lovers and we are best friends. I really try my best in showcasing both of that when working with a couple.

Natalie and Lee’s wedding is next June and I look forward to a wedding full of much laughter and definitely fun times! 😉

With love,