A self portrait, 30 weeks along in my pregnancy.

I’ve gone back and forth on whether I wanted to share this image online or have it tucked away in a memory box somewhere just for my future benefit only. Mostly shy of my bare belly for the world to see.

I absolutely love photographing other expecting mothers, and have always found the blossoming of their bodies completely breath taking. Boudoir is also a passion of mine that often leaves me completely over whelmed with the process of rejoicing in our beauty, as women. I am a huge advocator of documenting our beautiful unique figures, all one of a kind creations. However, I still feel overly shy about letting too much of myself be seen. It’s a shame that we, as women somehow feel flawed in our eyes. And the truth is, pregnancy often doesn’t make you feel very beautiful as a woman, although the creation that is forming within you is certainly the most beautiful life process.

The truth is, I want to inspire other women to document and rejoice in the struggle of the rapid body change. I want you to know that its ok to not always feel the most beautiful, that discomfort is a normal part of this process. But forty weeks in the whole course of your life is not a long time, and your little one will only be a growing part of you for a brief moment in your life and then they are off learning how to cope and live life independently, without their momma. So hold on tight to the memories.

I certainly want to remember this time in my life forever. The memories of feeling my beautiful son take form and grow within me often leaves me lost without words, left with just a burning feeling of anticipation to hold him in my arms.

Although pregnancy is often not a glamorous process, it is a beautiful one. Lets bask in its beauty. If even for just a minute.

With love,