They came to me as a referral from another local photographer and I am so glad they did! We met for a morning coffee in January, and within five minutes of sitting down with them, I knew I wanted to book them! And no… I don’t always say this or feel this way instantly about every couple! But it is important for me that I do. You are not ever just ‘another booking’ for me. In order to do my job and do it my best, I need to feel a connection with you. I am not a wedding photographer to simply make money. I am drawn to certain love stories, personalities and it is very important for me to feel a connection with my clients. I never just want to do this! I want to feel your stories with my whole heart. It inspires my work and your ability to let me in just a little will come through in your photographs, I promise. I am romantic and sentimental. I love love!

Chris came to the meeting loaded with questions and Amber quietly observed for the most part, confident that Chris knew the right questions to ask. I never get offended or put off by any question that arises. I think its important to know what you want as a couple for your wedding day. Even more important to find those wedding vendors that match your visions as well as your personalities. I left that first meeting confident that we hit it off, a few emails and more questions later, they joked I had ‘aced all their tests’.

I am beyond excited to have these two on the JLP wedding roster for 2015 and I anticipate a beautiful July wedding day full of love and laughter! I can hardly wait to dive into this year’s wedding season! Its truly promised to be the most beautiful one of my career yet.

Jess, xo!