Meet Roman – the missing puzzle piece to this already beautiful family.

The Pento’s are the kind of people you fall in love with instantly! It was their kind generous hearts, easy going nature and their humour that matches ours perfectly that sparked a friendship with my husband and I. When you can sit for hours with someone around a fire, laugh, share stories, or evan feel contentment in the silent moments, you know that you have found some solid, forever kind of friends. And to be honest, thats exactly what happened when we met them through mutual friends a couple of years ago. What started as a couple of night outs, birthday parties, backyard fires, has quickly grew to blossom into a beautiful friendship that me and my husband will continue to cherish.

Last July when hosting our friends at our trailer for the night, me and Alana hugged quietly as we both whispered that we were pregnant and to our surprise… only a few weeks apart from each other. I knew in that moment, that this journey was going to bring the two of us closer. And so it has! This is my first pregnancy and Alana’s second child, so she has been my go to girl for all questions, reassurances, a sounding board but mostly someone who has shared in all of my excitement and anticipation as we both have prepared to welcome our babies into the world. I have and will always appreciate her kindness that she has shown and given me during such an emotional journey into motherhood.

On Valentine’s day this year, the Pento’s welcomed their little boy into the world. What a beautiful gift of love to be granted.

I anticipate with so much excitement, joy and the fullest heart, all thats to come for this family and our blossoming friendship with them. I am so blessed to have found a beautiful friend within Alana and now a little buddy for our awaited Vincent. Here’s to a lifetime of memories that our families will make together!

With love,