My step sister Tanya and Jay announced their proposal at the end of November, and we were all thrilled to receive that anticipated phone call. Although their relationship isn’t years in the making, we knew Jay would undoubtedly be the one to marry our charismatic Tanya! They have shared an instant connection from their very start of their relationship.

While decorating their christmas tree for the holidays Jay snuck in a custom ornament among their box of decorations. So in the mist of digging out the ornaments to hang among their tree Tanya found a box she hadn’t seen before. Opening it instantly and squealing ‘really’, she turned to find Jay down on one knee! ‘Will you marry me?’, the ornament read.

I had a good idea that they would ask me to photograph their special day, but that conversation was going to be one that I would wait for them to ask and when they did I felt honoured and proud in that moment. I am beyond excited to capture this beautiful time in their lives and I anticipate one heck of a party this coming October as we celebrate these two become husband and wife.

Welcome to the family Jay! We are an outrageous and often sarcastic bunch, we sometimes don’t always see eye to eye, but we have a lot of love for one another! I am more then excited to watch your relationship grow and blossom over the next couple of years, basking always in the absolute happiness the two of you share.