March 16 at 7:39am will forever be a date and time that will be embedded in my heart forever. The moment in my life, in which I became a mother, for the very first time. It was a battle of a weekend, and a wild ride of contractions, pain, and well lets be honest – torture! But the prize was high and when that dreaded marathon was over, I was holding a beautiful baby boy in my arms. I remember looking down at him in the recovering room in the OR and instantly thinking how lucky I was to be granted such a special little gift. Motherhood was always something I dreamt of and a baby boy was exactly what I wanted! That moment of holding my son for the very first time was so surreal and five weeks later, I am still in the same ‘awe love struck’ as I was in that beautiful life changing moment.

This past month of having him apart of our world has been proven to be a test to my sanity and patience, as a woman, as a wife, and as a first time mother. Lack of sleep has always proven to leave me a little foggy headed and a miserable person to deal with. But having a sweet little boy depend on me is proving to make me a better version of the woman I have always been. And there is no time to get caught up in the misery of being over tired when you have a sweet smile looking back at you, a warm breathe upon your chest, or a little hand finding comfort wrapped tightly around your finger. He knows I am his mother, the contentment he finds in hearing my voice and feeling my touch and his faith in me, makes me believe Im doing alright. And, it sure does make those 4 am feedings a little sweeter!

Five weeks into motherhood and a few things I have learnt ; I can’t live without my solly wrap – baby wearing all the way, I love my mother more then ever, cold coffee will have to work for now, Sacrifice is the name of the game!

One month down, a lifetime to go!

Loving my boy always.