I always have the best intentions when it comes to blogging. I write out a bunch of ideas and plan out my month of blogging. And yet when it comes down to things, time seems to slip away. All my hope of spilling out words and sharing photos seem to be an idea of the past.

And so I land here, two months since I have last blogged and three months into motherhood with so much to say!

The truth is, I wasn’t really sure what to expect when I was ‘expecting’ and most days I feel completely lost in the constant struggles in trying to figure out this little human being. But motherhood has exceeded my expectations in every way possible. It truly is a gift to be Vincent’s mother and even on the most tiring of days he seems to always bring a smile to my face and a purpose to my day. He is worth it all… all the sleepless nights, the dreadful ‘mommy weight’ and all the sacrifices motherhood takes on a daily basis. Motherhood was something I always wanted to experience in this lifetime, and a son is what I always wished for. He is my dream come true.

These past couple of months, I’ve learnt the importance of routine and balance. Its important to know when to throw the schedule out the window and just live in the moment. The work can be pushed to one more day. ‘He’s only going to be this little once’… I constantly remind myself!

Motherhood truly does just come on naturally but on more then one occasion, I have found myself running to search some kind of ridiculous question into google. It’s crazy really that we have this kind of information on hand when years before this, women were left to just figured it out. Never the less, I’m glad I live in a time where I have the internet as my trusty go-to pal for all my crazy first time mom questions. I just want to do right by him. I want to be a positive part in having him grow into a beautiful, intelligent, well mannered guy!

Here’s to a lifetime of searching google, crying for my coffee on the early mornings, and falling more in love with that gummy smile!

With endless love,




Dear Two month old Vincent,

We love seeing you smile! That was our favourite part of your second month in our lives. It was no longer gas but true, authentic smiles for mom and dad. — SMILES for the progress win this month!!!!

Dear three month old Vincent,

Naps are a winning point in our day and routine is the new of the game!

Sometimes I force myself to put things aside to crawl into bed with you. I don’t always sleep. Sometimes I lay awake starring at you. The truth is you are the best cuddle buddy. I think you get that from mommy!

You love your sleepy time melodies and your green smoothie is your favourite. You only cry for it when it comes to nap time.


You are the light in our lives my sweet boy and a daily reminder that life is a beautiful gift!