I lost count the number of months that have passed since I last blogged a photo session but I promise, I have a load of ‘beautiful’ coming your way! — Let’s kick that off with Chelsea and Kraig!

The three of us got together last month to photograph some engagement photos for the two of them, in excitement of their upcoming wedding this September. We met at H.H Knoll park in Port Colborne and started the session off in the exact spot in which Kraig asked for Chelsea’s hand in marriage. A quiet little bridge on the waterfront. How perfect I thought, when Chelsea explained this would be the location of their choice!

These photos are the first professional photos that the two of them have had together in the whole course of their nine year relationship and they showcase the laid back, fun nature. Within the laughter and story sharing, I was able to photograph some genuine love that these two so evidently share.

I will count down the days until their September wedding as I anticipate another wonderful day with the two of them!