Andrea & Tyler’s Stonewall Estates Wedding had some of the most beautiful DIY details I had ever seen!

Andrea is an old co-worker and long time friend! Someone who’s soul and heart is made of the same definitions as mine. Consequently, someone whom I have always believed I was suppose to cross life paths with in this life. It truly is hard to believe its been almost ten years of knowing this beautiful woman. My belief is when you work closely with someone you learn a lot about each other. We’ve seen each other at some low points in our lives but we’ve also celebrated each other at our highs.

This moment of preparing for their wedding day and then witnessing her marry her best friend, was definitely a highlight in Andrea’s life. I can’t thank her enough for allowing me to document such a beautiful day for her, Tyler and their sweet little Lillie!

This wedding day wasn’t just about a man and a woman making a commitment of forever together. It was about committing themselves to their daughter and promising to entangle their lives, in the love of each other. I loved how much they included their daughter Lillie into their wedding day. Having her apart of the girls morning of getting ready, putting on their dresses and showing off her adorable smiles adds a definite special emotional touch into their photographs. Not to mention, the sweet moment they walked as a family up the aisle after they were pronounced husband and wife! How could your heart not be rooting for this love story of when two become three!

Sending so much love your way you two! Best blessings for happy life, xo.


I hope you feel the love in this small series of images from their beautiful wedding at Stonewall Estates.