This family has a special place in my heart for so many reasons, but mainly because they have been on this journey with me throughout most of my photographic career. They invested in me at the beginning of my career and have continued to trust in my vision and passion. They have showered me with kindness and are always cheering on the side lines for my victories, just as I cheer on for them. Its a relationship that continues to blossom and I’m forever thankful. So you can imagine how excited I get whenever I get to see them again and to photograph another family photo session for them and to fill their walls with more memories and moments to cherish. I truly feel like this collection speak true to the bond that they share. Something to be inspired by for sure.

Today they celebrate 10 years together! A whole decade of growth and love. Their tenth years together mark an abundance of accomplishments, but the most sincere are their beautiful children! And I couldn’t be more excited for them as they prepare to welcome a third little Keller into the world in the new year! I can’t think of two other people who truly deserve the gift of children and growth in family. Their love truly does multiply with each little one they welcome into their family and I feel so very blessed to be along to witness and capture that love for them! I have so much joy in my heart to meet their new baby and document a fresh family photo session for them in the new year!

It is always an absolute honour to document the biggest milestones in their relationship and I can’t wait to see where the next ten years has in store for them! I am sure it will be another adventurous decade!

Happy Anniversary to my all time favourite Kellers! My wish for you all is that life is always this beautiful and that you continue to cherish each other, just as I cherish ever family photo session spent with you all!