Jen and Jay wed this past June at the beautiful Ravine Vineyard and it was a pleasure to be there to document and witness this stunning moment in their love story. This Ravine Vineyard wedding was absolute perfection! Not just because the location is something quite stunning, but mainly because this couple was just a true pleasure to work with. They were insanely cute and in love and I couldn’t help but feel appreciation to be in the presence and witness this stunning moment in their lives!

This wedding was one that will be extra memorable for me, as it was a day I had to work through the pain of a severely sprained ankle! There truly are no ‘sick days’ when it comes to being a wedding photographer. Although in a big of pain, I will always show up and give it my all. I quickly got over my embarrassment of hopping around and wobbling on one foot. I was there to do a job and as ridiculous as I looked, I was happy to hop around catching some sweet moments for these two.

My favourite moment was when Jay was witnessing Jen walk down the aisle toward him. His hand pressed over his heart with his jaw dropped! It was obvious to all in attendance that at that moment, that she truly took his breath away! It was the sweetest and most sincere gesture for the love of his life. The whole day was actually full of these sweet little moments! I love when a couple is able to just be themselves and express their love openly. It makes being your wedding photography extra sweet and my job is essentially made that much easier.

Enjoy a peek at this Ravine Vineyard Wedding! I’m sure you will fall in love with these two. I know I instantly did.


Florals: Mum’s Garden