Allison and Greg’s Niagara Vineyard Wedding showcases the sweetest DIY decor, along with an abundance of love and affection! A photographer’s paradise!

It was Allison and Greg’s cool attitudes that had be anticipating such a beautiful day it did not disappoint! This crowd was so much fun! Allison and Greg’s summer wedding was during a humidity warning, and although it was sweltering hot, the day was absolutely perfection. Everyone was having such fun time and the love that Allison and Greg genuinely share was enough to have you forgetting about the weather at all. Not to mention the beautiful family property that this Vineyard Wedding took place at! There was endlessly beauty that kept you looking around.

My relationship with Alli and Greg started when I photographed their second daughter’s newborn photos! I knew instantly that I was in the presence of truly wonderful people and it has been a true honour to document a piece of their beautiful love story.Alli and Greg are among so many other things, wonderful parents! So it was no surprise to me how much they chose to focus their wedding day on the four of them as a family, having their two young daughters at the forefront of their special moments! And I mean… could these flower girls get any cuter!

All the special touches made this Niagara Vineyard Wedding one of a kind to photograph. The venue was a family members property, and a lot of what came together to make this wedding stunning was all the handmade touches… the favours, the seating chart, the table of wedding cakes, even the bar! I wanted to back up my truck and take the whole wedding home with me!

It excites me to show a peek into their day… enjoy.