Before I dive into the lovely details of what I thought about this photography workshop, I just want to stress a few things as far as being stuck in a creative rutt and trying to get yourself out of that as an artist and most importantly pushing forward. We have to be honest with ourselves when we arise in these situations, although it is not easy. For me, it was the simple pleasures in life and business that as a professional photographer I was starting to take for granted, and overlook. I became an automaton to my recipes and unfortunately started to feel what was like getting into my car and pressing cruise control. This is a toxic state to any creatives heart and soul and I was sad to find myself in this dreaded place… stressed, overworked and stuck on auto pilot. Sure some may argue that I created some beautiful work and I would humbly agree. But I was hungry for more. For different. And to be nothing short of honest, this was starting to weigh on my heart. I was starting to question whether I was starting to lose my love of photography.

My reasons for my stale state were merely a combination of a few professional and personal things, and for the sake of trying to keep this post from heading in the direction of a ‘dear diary’ series I will not divulge any further. But I had to be honest with myself that I had landed here, and make a plan to get myself out. I am above so many other things, incredibly grateful for this journey and career, so losing sight of that wasn’t an option for me. I refused to admit defeat, but grab for my combat boots and fight the battle of heart vs head and fall in love with creating beautiful imagery again. I was ready more then ever to find a way to take my work to a new level.

From there, I set out with determination to attend a photography workshop or two that would speak to my heart. I believe in the theory of always being a student and learning will continue to be apart of my journey. I came across the Refresh workshop on accident while sliding my thumb past images on Instagram and immediately fell in love! I had followed the work of Jennifer Moher for awhile, but it wasn’t until I came across this workshop experience that I started to really fall in love with her vision and outlook on this craft. Another bonus of the Refresh workshop… I was able to also hear from her talented husband Hugh Whitaker and Jennifer’s second shooter Erin Lester! These three were a ball of honest information and I am grateful for the time I was able to spend with them!

The Refresh Workshop was exactly what I needed! It set that fire back into my heart and had me doing a happy dance for the simple appreciation of being able to connect with people through the process of creating not just a photo, but a piece of art.

The workshop took place in their Peterborough studio and it was really the perfect location for this intimate workshop of 11 attendees! What a perfect size to connect and feel like you are actually being heard. I am an introvert in the fullest definition, an observer most often and I often shy away from asking questions so it was the approachable environment that they created that was truly appreciated!

I am a hands-on learner, so for this reason and so much more is why I really loved this photography workshop. I was grateful for the time I had my camera in my hand to practice on the teachings of the morning and I am excited to share a collection of images I took. I want to first finish off with a sincere thank you to Jennifer, Hugh and Erin for making this workshop so fun!

I left this workshop feeling inspired and felt a new awakening for reading light, movement and emotion in the process of creating an image. These three things combined with a profound hunger to want to implement changes for business growth, kick fear to the curb and own who I am individually as an artist. I can only dream of inspiring other photographers in such a way! My head is spinning with ideas of creating my own photography workshop one day!