A Niagara Boudoir Studio that specializes in an empowering experience! Focusing on the simplicity and beauty that each woman uniquely brings to their session.

It was so lovely to receive a call from Barb inquiring about getting some boudoir images taken! I loved having her in my Niagara Boudoir Studio last month to create this collection and get a chance to work with her on an intimate level! These boudoir sessions are so close to my heart and it always leaves me feeling a little extra in love with being a woman myself.

Barb wanted to do some photos for the most important person… herself! I love when a woman comes to me with this reason of wanting to do a boudoir shoot, so very much! Although Boudoir is the sweetest, sexiest gift you could give to your partner. These photos and the experience are also so uplifting to your own self esteem, confidence and the overall love you have for all that makes up who you are. A chance to be able to show you that is quite an honour.

Together we created a collection that showed off Barb’s quiet, sexy side. As well as put some emphasis on showing off the flow of her figure!

Enjoy a peek at the stunning Barb! It was such a pleasure having her in my studio to photograph this collection for her!