A surprise proposal is one of my favourite moments to capture as a wedding and engagement photographer! Living so close to Niagara Falls allows me to work with couples from all over the world. A Niagara Falls Proposal is extremely popular for people visiting the area with their loved one.

When an email landed in my inbox last minute from Andrew inquiring about documenting this moment, I was sincerely happy to have the time open for him. Reading his eagerness to make the moment perfect came through in his writing. The yearning for perfection along with his excitement was a sincere pull on my heart. There is always so much enjoyment that comes along with listening to the plans of a Niagara Falls Proposal.

Together, Andrew and myself worked on planning the execution to document the proposal in the most discreet way. Putting much emphasis in not giving Ally any indication of what was to come for her. Our efforts combined made this moment unforgettable for the both of them. Furthermore, a moment that the two of them will forever cherish.

Enjoy the story of how Andrew asked Ally to marry him in this slideshow highlighting their Niagara Falls Proposal so perfectly.

Ally was visiting Niagara Falls with her parents for the weekend. She was told Andrew could not make the trip as a result of having to work. But as she took the time to look out to the falls on this Friday afternoon and take in the beautiful sights, a hug from behind left her surprise to see Andrew. And the rest follows…