It occurs to me on a daily basis, how incredibly lucky I got in this life! I will never take for granted the gift of being this little one’s momma. To be in love with my best friend! And to spend my life doing something I am passionate about and love.

We celebrated Vincent’s birthday on the 16th of this month and I finally got around to updating his photos!

I wanted this collection to speak true to his beautiful personality. To freeze that little smile that shines so brightly in my everyday. His cutest gestures. And sweet innocence.

Vincent ::: I saw this budding tulip today and it stopped me in my tracks, propelling me into deep thought! I arrived at a moment of metaphorical meaning. I stood there starring down at this tiny little piece of green sprouting from the ground, while you ran around me. And I thought about how life is all about planting your roots and giving them enough room to grow. The importance of trying not to force growth faster then its intended to be. But truly about soaking in the true appreciation for the process. In my thoughts… I was the gardener and you were the budding tulip.

I believe life is the garden my dear son. Your roots will forever be entangled in me and your dad. But we will always put the upmost effort in giving you enough room for personal victories and growth. Life isn’t perfect! And we aren’t perfect parents. But I will proudly admit our efforts are there, in your everyday. To care for you. To shape you. And to teach you.

We are proud as ever, to see you blooming into the sweetest boy!

It truly is all about love for us! We do it all for the hugs around the neck and your sweetest ‘I love you’s’! Love is the reward my son. Love is all that matters!

Happy 2nd Birthday Vincent! May this year bring you an abundance of happiness and laughter!