I have so many reasons I love working from home! But having a space separate from my living quarters is especially important to the success of my photography business.

When I first started my photography business, I operated out of a spare bedroom on the main floor of my home. This room had a computer desk and a couch I purchased second hand from an online ad. It was nothing special by any definition of the word. But never the less it was a space that was mine. A space where I spent hours learning, creating, dreaming and planning for the success of running a photography business and being my own boss.

But the upstairs apartment that we use to rent out was always on my radar. It was a space in which I wanted JLP to take over. A small space on the upper level of my home. A few convenient steps away from our living quarters. Most importantly a space where I could grow. It has been four years since I have been working from this space and I have grown to love it immensely. Some days I still don’t think of it as anything truly special. Its definitely not my dream space in anyway. Never the less, I have grown attached to the memories I have made within these walls and I feel as grateful as heck to have this space available to me!

If only these walls could talk… They would tell you;
  • The true honesty of running a business.
  • That sacrifices, sweat, and the tears that have gone into making Jessica Little Photography all it has come to be!
  • They would share stories of the late nights.
  • Recite the most poetic lyrics from my favourite Indie Songs.
  • These walls would echo children’s laughter and newborn cries.
  • And they would wink to the boudoir collections we have created.
  • The would reminisce over conversations had and love stories heard.

This space is sacred to me! It’s a little space in which I have grown to find contentment from.

The truth is, I wanted to share this space with you because we are in the market for a new home this year. A better neighbourhood to raise our son, and a better school district for him. Furthermore a house with more space for my family! Whether I never have this much space again, or if I have more, I will always be grateful for where I started.

Enjoy a peek into my space! This small collection will give you a peek at my Niagara Photography Home Studio & Office Tour!