There is nothing better then shining light and love on other boss babes! I was over the moon to finally meet the ‘sweet’ Maria, of Sweet Avenue Cakery. We enjoyed a tea (and the most delicious cookies) as we chatted about Niagara Weddings and the loveliness that comes along with working in the Wedding Industry!

Today I am excited to shed some love on Niagara Wedding Cake Specialist, Maria! Her local business focuses on speciality wedding cakes, and celebration cakes of all kinds!

Enjoy getting to know the lovely Maria! A talented Niagara Wedding Cake Specialist!

How long have you been doing cakes? Why did you start?

I have officially become Sweet Avenue Cakery five years ago, however my passion for cake decorating has started much earlier and my passion for baking itself takes roots in my childhood with my first entirely independently baked cake at the young age of ten. It was a chocolate cake and with this experience being a great success I have been hooked! Ever since I have been bestowing my pastry wonders on the very eager audience of my three brothers, who admittedly have been the original taste testers for many of the recipes that I have perfected over the years and that now take the spotlight in my menu.

There really are many reasons why I have started my business – being able to work for myself, having flexible schedule, being able to be around my kids – and they are all great and I am blessed to be able to do all that, but I honestly think that really it was mainly my passion for cake art that has driven me all along. I LOVE what I do! Being able to come and do that as a job every day – that’s the greatest fun in ones professional life!

Your favourite part of your job?

I have couple of them :). The first one has to be all of the smells! It always smells so wonderful with the oven on!!! The second is the creation process – even though I do this every day, I am always amazed that it is possible to create all of those crazy things out of cake and then eat it too. I know that I am the one doing it, but it still blows my mind! The last but not least is knowing that people have enjoyed my creation! Hearing back from happy customers not only makes my day, but will never ever get old. It makes me happy!

Favourite memory in your career so far?

Only one? That’s going to be tough! Since I specialize in custom cake and pastry art I have to admit that I have a favourite memory for every cake that I have ever made and that’s a lot of cakes and a lot of favourite memories :)!

What inspires you?

I am a very visual person and I draw on inspiration almost everywhere. From art to fashion, architecture, nature, magazines you name it! All you need to do is keep your eyes opened!

Describe your ideal wedding client?

That would be a couple that has a full trust in my abilities from the get go!

There is something about human nature that makes us a little cautious. Some clients however worry more than others and even after having gone through the examples of my previous work and loving the tasting samples are still worrying about their big day and whether their cake will really be as good as it looks. Needless to say it truly is and their accolades are there to prove it!

Top advice for Niagara bride and grooms?

Make sure to provide as detailed information in regards to your event as possible! Knowing the number of guests and whether it is your main dessert or not are a must for a cake artist – this helps us to determine the size of cake that you really need! Knowing your style preference is also beneficial, so submitting a photo or two of the preferred style for reference is a good idea as well. Keep in mind that this does not need to be a photo of the cake at all. Some couples send over a copy of their invitation, picture of the bride’s wedding gown, shot of their favourite piece of decor or a similar visual reference. Let us also know your colour palette and we will incorporate all of that into your custom cake design! That’s where the fun begins!