It was a dream of mine to be self employed and create beautiful keepsakes for others to cherish.

Specializing in Niagara Wedding Photography has always been a huge blessing to my heart from the beginning. My success has come from a lot of hard work, sacrifice and positive energy.

A pep talk about courage…

Whatever you decide, you first need courage. This courage does not come from anyone holding your hand. But from yourself. Your own fight against that nay saying voice in your head. You need to decide what you want out of this one delicate imperfect fragile life. Then you need to go get it. Don’t spend your time convincing others of your greatness. Just put the energy into being better then who you were in your yesterday.

Don’t waste another second feeling stuck in a life you don’t want. A job that doesn’t quite speak to your heart. A toxic relationship. Or anything that falls short of making you truly happy. Life is too short to be miserable. Or sad. And time is not guaranteed to anybody.

Where there is determination, there is success waiting.

So go on and live that dream.
Give yourself permission.

Be bold. Be beautiful. Be you.
In return the universe will reward you with positive outcomes.

Life is waiting to blossom for you.
Yes you. Beautiful you.