Niagara Proposal Photography Sessions are becoming quite the popular request these days! And I am absolutely loving them!

It was a pleasure to work with Tom to prepare for this heart warming moment! We had spent a few weeks emailing back and forth to set up all the details to execute this Niagara Proposal Photography session as a surprise for Ariel. It would happen at the beginning of their trip her in Niagara Falls. And Tom’s excited nervousness leading up to this moment was the sweetest.

The day arrived and the sun was shining perfectly over Niagara Falls, as the two of them walked along the parkway enjoying the views. It all happened in a split moment when Ariel turned her back to take in the view. Returning back around to find Tom on one knee, presenting with her with a truly stunning diamond ring. A sweet question was asked. Tom on the brink of tears. Laughs, hugs and kisses exchanged.

She said yes!!! Giggled in shock! And High-fived him on catching her off guard with such a genuine surprise. Leaving Tom excited to hear her answer and immediately finding comfort in wrapping his arms around her.

Here is a peek at my Niagara Proposal Photography Session featuring the love story of Ariel and Tom!