How lucky am I? – A question that often crosses my mind. And a statement I make sure to recite to myself as I prepare to welcome another wedding season. This Niagara Falls Elopement had me so excited to kick off my 2017 wedding season!

It occurs to me more and more as the years add to my career what weddings are truly about. Furthermore the true honour it is that I am granted the permission to attend these intimate affairs. To be invited into the lives of my couples and to be truly present in such a romantic moment in their lives. Weddings have little to do with the fancy decor, top notch floral arrangements or extravagant venues. Although I would lie if I didn’t mention that these things are stunning to photograph and gives some outstanding backdrops and beauty to a photograph. Weddings are more about two people who are madly in love. Two people ready to profess their love for one another. Ultimately two people coming together as one.

I have grown so attached to this emotion and story telling that happens in front of my camera. When you look at my collections, I want you to feel the nervous anticipation leading up to the ceremony. And the quiet closeness and bond that two people so evidently share.

Danielle and Chris had some rainy May weather for their Niagara Falls Elopement celebration. Never the less, they were truly present with each other, not fretting over what could have been or wishing what should be. Although they wished for a sunny day, they rolled with what mother nature presented them on this chilly Friday afternoon. It was such a fun time capturing their happiness. A day celebrating their sweet commitment. A love story to truly look up to.

Enjoy my first wedding love story of 2017 as we relive a piece of Danielle and Chris’ Niagara Falls Elopement!