Personal growth is something I invest time in every day. Whether it be taking thirty minutes to read my favourite self development book, listen to a motivation podcast, take a hike in nature, or attend an intimate workshop with a mentor. I believe all these tiny acts add up to big results when it comes to cultivating happiness and personal growth. Furthermore, being happy is a choice and although we may have hard times in our lives, we have the power within ourselves to choose happiness every single day.

Being an entrepreneur often means being pulled in so many different directions. As photographers we are usually devoting about 20% of our time to actual taking images, and the rest of our time is dedicated to so many other necessary tasks in order to keep our company moving smoothly. Its the little behind the scenes tasks that people don’t see that usually leave us sitting at our computers for hours on end. So you see, balance is key! And investing in yourself is the best way you could spend your time.

Today I thought I would write a list of 10 things I can do every day to cultivate happiness and personal growth in my life.

  1. Having a gratitude journal. This serves the most benefits on the really hard days. It forces me to search for even the tiniest things to be thankful for and can put my whole day into deep perspective.
  2. I read every morning! A book accompanies my morning coffee before I set out to tackle the day ahead. I love books about personal development, business and health in general. But its not just the wonderful content in the books that cultivates my happiness and personal growth. It is truly the act of taking time to be alone and do something I love.
  3. I prioritize exercise daily. Moving your body is so crucial to maintaining a healthy mindset. At the very minimum, I go for at least a good 30min power walk with my dog in our neighbourhood. He loves me more for it, so its a double win!
  4. I joined a volleyball team! I love belonging to a team sport. Having a day per week set aside to do something I love is crucial to my happiness. Not only do I thoroughly enjoy playing volleyball, but I love that this is some time outside of the house, away from my husband and son. I love those boys more then anything, but taking time away from home to do something I love is crucial. My husband has his basketball team, and I have volleyball.
  5. Planning date nights with my husband. He is my very best friend and most favourite person in the whole world. After ten and a half years, I still have the biggest crush on him! I believe it is so important to date your spouse and I’ll never stop prioritizing this time for us. Even when there isn’t any time, even when there a hundred other things to do.
  6. Setting time aside just for me and my son. There is something to be said about taking the time to pack up a picnic, sit at the lake together, dig in the dirt and fly our kites. Cherished time together and memories made.
  7. Every year I create a visual board. I channel my inner teenager, pull out the scissors and glue and get to work. Its a fun little project and I love having my intentions starring me in the eye on my office wall.
  8. Downloading episodes of my favourite podcasts and listening to them while commuting in the car. Its a great way to fill in that dead time with a little education or words of wisdom.
  9. Spending time outside regardless of the weather forecast. Disclaimer: I am not about to go on an hour hike in a thunderstorm. But even simply sitting on my front porch with a tea while it rains is always so great to settling my mind into a positive state. Its that fresh air that fuels me. And a positive mindset is paramount to pushing you to territory of personal growth.
  10. Holding myself accountable. I chose this as the last one, because in the end you can make endless lists of wanting to change, but not one will work unless you hold yourself accountable. This is so important in order to manifest change in your life and arrive at a place of happiness. Finding what makes you happy and working those things into your daily routine will make a true impact on your personal growth and overall happiness.