One of my favourite sessions are newborn lifestyle photography sessions! The celebration of the start of a family. These newborn lifestyle sessions usually take place in the comfort of your home, highlighting you in a way that will bring personal meaning to your collection. I rejoice in the sweet calmness that comes with being in the presence of a bundled sleeping baby.

Pure excitement filled my heart when Taylor and Tony asked me to capture photos of their little girl this past April. I created a collection of engagement images last year for Taylor and Tony before they ventured off and eloped in the Colorado mountains! I am still totally jealous of the opportunity that their photographer was afforded in joining them in the mountains. Some day I hope a beautiful couple gifts me such honour. Until then, I’ll be swooning over all those adventure photos flooding social media.

These two are the sweetest couple and its been so fun to get to know Taylor via social media and watch their life story unfold. I couldn’t have been more excited to have been asked to capture this sweet milestone. A sweet celebration of life, and a blessing to grow their family! Rowan, is pure perfection! She was the most co-operate baby for her session and everything went beyond smooth. Which is not always the case when it comes to photographing newborn babies. I was so in awe with how easy this session went!

Here are a few tips to help prepare you for your Newborn Lifestyle Photography Session;

  • Schedule your newborn photos when the baby is 1-2 weeks old.
  • Choose clothing free of logos and heavy patterns.
  • Wait to feed your baby once I arrive. You can feed the baby as I set up and get settled in for our photos. This will allow for the baby to be full and content right before we begin photos. A happy baby is a full baby. A little “milk drunk” baby is definitely easier to work with than a baby who is hungry and tired.
  • Make sure your living room area, nursery and master bedroom are all tidy and free of clutter. These will be the main rooms we are photographing in.
  • Make sure to set aside 2hrs for the session. This allows me to hang out for a bit and get those ‘true to you’ photographs. Of you loving, interacting and enjoying each other. How life really is.
  • Keep your house a little warmer then usual. Babies temperatures are a lot different than ours and they do have a harder time regulating their body temperature. In order for them to be comfortable they need to be warm. Setting your thermometer a little higher then normal a couple of hours before I arrive will help the baby stay comfortable and content through out the session.

In conclusion, all babies are different and newborn lifestyle sessions will go as the baby sees fit. We will stop along the way for feedings, changes and of course cuddles! But most importantly we will create a genuine collection that highlights your love and excitement.