Although I can totally appreciate the work and approach some photographer’s take to produce stunning newborn studio work, its just not my thing! I love more then anything to photograph my clients in the most natural, comfortable way that brings authenticity to their collection. This is my aim every single time someone hires me. Furthermore, this is the very reason why in home Newborn Sessions are the perfect approach and something that JLP is passionate about. Offering a relaxed experience for new parents while creating heartfelt keepsakes that shine with personal meaning.

The top 5 reasons why I love In home Newborn Sessions and you should to;

  • It requires no additional effort from tired new parents. You have so much going on with caring for a brand new baby. These sessions literally have you stay put and comfortable in your own home. It is convenient and makes the whole experience totally relaxed.
  • It brings real life to your images. Because this is indeed your real life. Your quiet moments, your personal space and of course your precious family.
  • The photo session moves at a nice pace, offering again that relaxed approach of capturing your authentic connection as a family.
  • You have everything you need for the baby right there at home. This allows parents to be at ease if there is a mishap in wardrobe or the baby requires anything at all.
  • Mom and dad are able to be comfortable and at ease in the moments I’m photographing just the baby.

Cassaundra is someone I worked with for nearly a decade in my previous line of work. She was a co-worker that left an impressionable feeling on my heart. Her easy going nature made it comfortable to reach deeper talks about life, marriage and motherhood. Within these moments she offered up insight into her dreams as well as a piece of her heart. We chatted many times about one day becoming mothers. It was something both of us wanted immensely. But there was a pang in my heart for her as I knew her journey may not be an easy one. She has so graciously offered up her story below.

A personal journey to motherhood;

‘Our journey to what we then called “Baby E” began right after our wedding in October of 2015. We knew we would more than likely need fertility treatment due to endometriosis and other issues proving to effect fertility. Sean, the Lord, and I embarked on this long road that at times was painful, tiring, dark, and isolating. We went to a phenomenal clinic that assisted us through timed intercourse, IUI, and then ultimately IVF. November of 2017 we had exhausted all other resources, injectable meds, procedures, surgeries, and emotions. November 22, 2017 we underwent “egg retrieval” where 43 eggs where removed, and after 5 days 10 perfect embryos where made. Due to hyper-stimulation all 10 where frozen, and the one perfect, precious snowflake was transferred into my womb January 22, 2018. This perfect snowflake stuck and hung on through bleeds, pain, and endometriosis chaos. Pregnancy was not easy, but was it ever worth it. On October 4th, 2018 at 1:02am our entire world changed. Every prayer, tear, worry, and fear had turned this perfect snowflake into the most perfect child that we had begged, pleaded, cried, and hoped for. Lincoln Raphael Sean Escandon 7lbs 3.3oz and 20 inches long is more than we could have ever hoped or dreamt of. No part of this journey was ever in vain, but to glorify the name of the Lord. Welcome to the world our precious pumpkin!’ – Cassaundra