There are so many reasons to love a John Michaels Wedding as a photographer here in Niagara, that goes beyond the delicious food of course. Most importantly their reception hall prides themselves on a happy, upbeat experience and they never seem to fail on this reputation. Weddings that bring joy and days that I am always happy to be apart of.

Julia and Chris’ kicked off their wedding day with a beautiful ceremony at St. Francis Xavier Parish in Stoney Creek. After the ceremony we spent some time at the Botanical Gardens to create some additional keepsake photos. Their day of course ended off with a big celebration at John Michaels Banquet Hall in Thorold. A stunning day that was full of love as the two of them joined themselves together in marriage. There were so many moments through out their wedding day that left the biggest smile on my face.

My most favourite moments usually always include the parents because I can’t help attach myself to these sentiments as a mom myself. These include;

  • First Looks between a father and his daughter.
  • A father walking his daughter up the aisle.
  • Emotion ceremony moments as the parents truly
  • A dance between a mother and her son.
  • And so much more!

Wedding days are emotionally charged for most parents as they watch their children get married. A day that often has them in a state of nostalgia and bringing up old memories. Memories of their own wedding day, or the day they became parents and all the memories and milestones that lead them to this day. A day in which they feel pride to celebrate a person they raised.

First Looks are often described as a way to highlight a private moment between the bride and groom ahead of the ceremony. Truthfully, there are so many reasons to organize this for your wedding day but that’s not what this blog post is about! I want to shine light on a ‘first look’ that is orchestrated between a daughter and her father after. A sincere moment after she slips into her dress. Sentiments that are truly enough to get my heart pumping in over drive. Its the mother in me that clings on to these sentimental moments on a wedding day. I know first hand how fast time seems to slip away as you watch your children grow before your eyes. Certainly that is what I believe Julia’s parents were feeling the morning of watching their daughter dress and prepare for her wedding ceremony.

Additional Vendor Love to;

Florals: The Watering Can

Cake: Criveller Cakes

Hair & Makeup: Pretty in Pink Mobile Hair and Make-up

Bridal Gown: Promises and Lace

Groom’s Suit: Stars Menswear