Looking back on this year, it’s so apparent that there is so much to be grateful for. All the events, weddings and photo sessions that filled my calendar truly overfilled my heart. My appreciation is deeper then I can put into words. This little Niagara Wedding Photography Company means so much to me. And my clients, their stories mean the most. Aside from weddings though, 2018 was about embracing all the moments that come after the wedding day.

It wasn’t until I sunk into my role as a mother three years ago that I found a new love of documenting families and children. A service I have always provided upon request to past clients who wished to have me along on this journey in their lives. But something I never really had an interest in marketing to new clients. Not until now! Truth be told, life after the wedding day awaits some of the most incredible moments of your life.

The moments of sinking into the new adventure as a wife or husband, or simple excitement of hand picking your first every pet together and bringing them home, or that scary anticipation of awaiting your first child. Moments like these that make you feel like you are truly living. Moments wrapped up in indescribable feelings. Milestones that you don’t recognize as being a big deal, until years have passed. Until you reach a time when all you have are the photographs.

This journey of being a professional photographer has afforded me the absolute privilege in being apart of these intimate moments for you. Hence my promise of never taking it for granted. Photographs are keepsakes of a time passed and lived. Moments wrapped up with personal feelings. Tangible keepsakes that one day will serve you and your family with so much more than I can really explain.

So I end this year in awe of your love, and your stories. Furthermore your trust in allowing me to capture the delicate time passing.

2019 awaits exciting goals for JLP, and personal ones as well;

  • Wedding Days with new clients at new Venues!
  • To fill my calendar with photo sessions that include documenting more authenticity, after the wedding day
  • A Family Vacation to the mountains
  • Get aways in our travel trailer
  • New business ventures for JLP
  • Welcoming new clients with open arms
  • Hugging loyal clients who continue to invest in my vision
  • Plans of personal growth and prioritizing self care.
  • A list of simple acts like getting a better morning routine going
  • A few deeper promises to myself like getting more intentional about mediation and my spiritual journey.
  • ETC.

My heart is already invested in making this new year one that counts. Another trip around the sun to carve out a life I am more then proud of.