When I first sat down with these two ladies to chat about their upcoming wedding plans, it was apparent to me the deep connection they shared. A love story built on friendship, passion and deep trust. Their comfort in allowing me to see their true selves made our coffee date feel like sitting among two friends. All things that get my heart pumping with excitement to be gifted the honour in capturing a piece of your love story. Their Inn on the Twenty Wedding this past summer was a day of celebrating their genuine love. A day that was incredibly heartfelt and such a pleasure to document.

Often times I am asked what my favourite part of a wedding day is. Truth be told, it is really hard to choose just one. But the morning spent with a bride is always so special.

Exciting mornings filled with fun moments while you pamper yourselves, and pop the bubbly among your best friends. Time gifted to me in photographing the anticipation as you move yourself closer to the moment of you becoming someone’s wife. Quiet moments in witnessing the last strand of hair being curled, the final button carefully secured on your dress, and feeling your pride as you stare back at yourself in the mirror. So you can imagine my excitement for this particular wedding morning and sentiment to capture not one, but two brides! Two groups of girlfriends, two dresses, two sets of pearls, two hearts eager to give themselves to each other.

Every passing year this career affords me opportunities to work with so many lovely couples. My heart and the core values of JLP is to attract couples who are invested in showing me a bigger piece of their heart. Grateful days shared with couples who often feel more like friends. Allowing us all to reach a personal level of comfort, trust and expression. These are the ones who my heart aches to serve. Love stories that I can outpour a piece of my heart into creating a collection of depth. Luckily for me, these are the couples whom I so attract most.

Jenn and Lesley were just that! A couple expressively in love and their comfort to just simply be in the moment with each other was a gift to my photographic heart this year. Love stories like theirs are something my heart is invested in.

I am so excited to share a few of my favourite moments from Jenn & Lesley’s Inn on the Twenty Wedding!