Your home is the centre of your story. It is your safe place. Within these walls you have created and started a life together. You have enjoyed endless days of happiness. Or perhaps felt sorrow. However your story is written, your home is the centre of all those feelings. Filled with memories that truly touch your heart in a special way. Hence the importance and goal of mine for JLP this year to focus on offering more of these lifestyle sessions. Dedicated time to focus on imagery that showcases authentic moments. This cozy at home Couple’s Photo Session is enough to fill my heart with joy. I hope you feel a little of that while you browse them also.

Top 5 Reasons you should book your photo session in your home;

  1. The photos are unique to you. – This is your space. Filled with items that all have an attached story with them. This is your safe place. Uniquely yours.
  2. You never have to worry about the weather. – Rain or shine, the session still goes on unlike when you schedule outdoor photos.
  3. Your home is the centre of your story. – Your place in which you spend most of your time nurturing your relationship.
  4. The photos will showcase a piece of your history. – Life will continue to unfold and I want to provide you with beautiful documentation of a time lived, loved and past.
  5. The images are real! – There’s no need to curl your hair or fret about wardrobe choices. These photos are intended to reflect the everyday you.

Thank you Courtney and Brad for allowing me into your home last week to document a piece of your love story. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to capture something of authentic meaning. My sincere hope is that this collection provides you with heartfelt keepsakes that one day will mean more than perhaps you can find attachment in today.