In today’s age, we take so many photos as we go through our daily lives. It doesn’t matter if you are a professional photographer or a proud parent, you could be taking hundreds of photos every day. But, what happens to those photos after you take them? Sadly, they probably sit on your phone for years. When you’re phone eventually crashes, you lose them all. All of those beautiful memories that you had are lost.

A lot of people never think about taking their photos off of their device and backing them up or printing them. This is not just about your cell phone pictures. It’s about your professional ones too! If you are investing hundreds of dollars to get your photos taken don’t just share them online or tuck them away on a USB drive. Print them out, display them in your home, or gift them to your family members. Just do more with them!

Think About History

We need to shift our thinking from now to the future and ultimately who we are printing and preserving these memories for. When I was a young girl, I loved looking through old photo albums at my Grandparents house. I would sit on the floor for hours, flipping through old memories. I especially enjoyed the wedding day photos. (My grandma always had serious style!) Holding those tangible prints in my hand felt like I was experiencing part of my family’s history. We need to go back to this feeling. This way of sharing our photos.

Our photos are heirlooms. Printing them helps us preserve them for our future grandchildren and their future grandchildren. We need to consider printing more pictures because a lot of us aren’t doing it, and it breaks my heart to see so many lost as technology is retired. Remember the nostalgia that comes with flipping through that album at your grandparent’s house and set your own grandkids up to have those same experiences.

Don’t Rely on Technology

Technology is always going to be changing. Upgrading our phones and computers is just a reality of the time we are living in. Although technology has come along way over the years, it does still fail us regularly. Get your images off of your devices and print your favourite ones! If we are being honest with ourselves, there’s probably a ridiculous number of photos right now in your gallery section of your cell phone, or hundreds on social media that you just haven’t printed. Truth be told, you don’t have to print all of them, just pick your absolute favourites.

More so, when you have professional photos taken, make sure to print those too! Enlarge your favourite ones and display them as art in your home. Be proud! Investing in some beautiful quality photos is something I never hear people regretting. As your children grow, these photos offer a lovely way to look back and remember a time that has past.

Do you want to have some photos taken so you can preserve your memories with your family or a loved one?

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