Getting engaged is an exhilarating time. From sharing your exciting news and celebrating. To truly enjoying this new milestone with your partner, while getting started with the craziness of wedding planning. You have to choose a date, a location, and a venue to host your celebration. Booking your photographer should come shortly after you have these details nailed down. It’s important to note that most photographers can only book one couple per date, and we do get booked well in advance so don’t wait. Follow the tips below to choose the perfect wedding photographer for you!

1. Research Online

Start your search by researching photographers in the area of your wedding venue. You might also look at a few photographers that you really love that are outside of that area. They might be willing to travel. It’s always worth asking.

Once you find a few you like, read their reviews to find out what other people are saying about them. Mostly importantly ensure that their photography style matches with your vision for your wedding day. After reading reviews and doing your research online make a list of 3-5 photographers that you really love and that have similar styles. Reach out to them, ask if they are available.

2. Ask to View Full Galleries

Ask the photographers on your list that are available on your date to show you full galleries of their past weddings and other work. It is essential that you see a full gallery of a wedding that is similar to one that you are actually planning. If you’re having a wedding reception in a hall or a barn this is very different than one that is hosted in a tent outside. Everything is different from the light and staging to the mood and ambiance. You want to see examples of how they handle the obstacles that they will face during your specific  wedding.

Ensure that you ask to see a full gallery of an 8-10 hour wedding coverage. This will show you what they can actually deliver instead of just seeing their highlight reel, which is what you will see on social media. If you are going to invest thousands of dollars for an entire day of coverage with your photographer, you really want to see what they can produce before you hire them.

3. Meet in Person

If you like what you see in the full gallery collection, set up a time to meet with the photographer in person. This is crucial.

Know who you are as a couple and decide what you want in a photographer. If you are quiet, relaxed, and intimately romantic, you want someone who is going to shoot and act that way. You don’t want a crazy high energy extroverted photographer. You just won’t mesh well, and your images may not be a true reflection of who you are as a couple. However, if you are a really fun high energy person who laughs a lot and jokes a lot, then seek out an energetic photographer who can complement that personality.

In the case that your photographer is from out of town, at the very least jump on a Skype call with them so you can get that feeling of sitting with them in their presence. This will give you a better read on who they are as a person than a phone call will.

4. Ask Prepared Questions

Finally, make sure you come prepared with questions when you meet with them. Ask about how they work, how the day will go, if they do a lot of posing and interacting or if they shoot in a more documentary style. This is a style where their clients might not always be aware that they are shooting but at the end of the day they are capturing true authentic moments versus posed ones.

The perfect wedding photographer is out there for everyone. As wedding clients, you really are all looking for something different and personally speaking I really love that. Once you go through all of these steps, you should know exactly who your photographer is, how they will work, and what you should expect working with them.

If you want to read more about my personal style, head on over to my style page. I would love to speak with you about your wedding photography goals.