There is nothing I love more than documenting authentic moments of love and surprise proposals are just that! A celebration of your relationship and your story. It would give me much joy to work with you to ensure that proposing in Niagara Falls, Canada is worth remembering.

Proposal sessions aren’t as simple as just showing up and letting the moment unfold in front of me. These sessions are about helping you plan and prepare. Together we will ensure the scene is exactly what you envision for such a special moment in your lives.

As always, my emphasis during our time together is to allow you to bask in your love for one another. Telling your story through my images that highlight your relationship and your excitement for this next chapter in your lives.

Following the proposal I always love to spend some time with the both of you to create additional images in the area. Chances are you are from out of town and so its really great to give you some images in this beautiful, popular landmark area. Not to mention, this gives you a heartfelt keepsake collection in celebration of this exciting moment.

If this sounds like something you just have to experience, then get in touch HERE and let’s start the planning for your big moment of proposing in Niagara Falls Canada.