Imperfection is an art, and mastering it can be a blessing to a creative. You can be a creative and a type-A person. It’s okay to be an artist, and still want to control everything. But, if you’re waiting for the perfect moment, words to say, or image to post, you’re just stuck waiting. Take it from a women’s business coach, being stuck waiting will get you nowhere.

It’s more important to act than to wait for perfection because you’re going to learn and grow along the way. When you take action, you include others in your journey. The beautiful thing about social media, blogging, and the creative community is the raw stories that are being told. It’s so inspiring!

I’ve been on this journey for nine years and holy heck, if you saw the work that I was putting out nine years ago next to the work I put out today, you would laugh. I took down most of my early work, and I regret that a little bit. There’s growth to be seen, and celebrated in that old work.

Take it From a Women’s Business Coach. Imperfection is an Art

There is art in imperfection, and you don’t have to have everything figured out. You don’t have to compare your beginning to somebody else’s middle or end or whatever the case may be. Just focus on being better than you were yesterday or last year or even what’s beautiful in the imperfection that is now.

Just take action! Go after what you want and trust the process. Life is a masterpiece. It’s no different than an artist sculpting or a painter painting. Do you think they get it right every single time? No. Do you believe that even after nine years, I’m nailing everything perfectly? No! I’m not even going to try to live up that.

I still make mistakes, try new things, and fail all the time. We all fail when we’re trying to learn something new. Making an effort is so much more important than chasing down perfection. Stop chasing it. Pursue happiness, create from the heart, and allow yourself to make mistakes. Within that journey, a beautiful artist is going to be made. If you’re looking for support from a women’s business coach in your journey as a creative, come check out JLP Community