Hello from vacation! There’s nothing like time away from the office to fuel creativity. Inspiration, rest and relaxation, and a release of daily pressures—I’m a firm believer that entrepreneurs need to prioritize vacation more often. My current tan solidifies that!

Don’t know what I’m talking about? Here’s why I think travelling lets us flex our creative muscles in an extra special way…

You can create without limits!

When I’m on vacation, there are no rules to creativity. Just me and my camera, transforming beautiful views and perfect little moments into art. There’s no pressure to deliver ABC at a certain level of quality; most of these shots might never be posted or printed; pure inspiration and experimentation.

You can find solitude in new places.

Especially when travelling with others, sometimes we just need a bit of quiet time. Travelling with my camera lets me find solitude—a peaceful period of time where I’m nothing but a photographer without rules and expectations, exploring my world.

You can unplug and reconnect with yourself.

All creatives probably know the amazing feeling of getting lost in your art—a special kind of lost that makes you feel more connected to yourself than ever before. Something about unplugging while on vacation amplifies that.

You can refresh your mind and body.

When we’re tired, we aren’t productive. Simple as that! While on vacation, I always try to refresh my mind and body by resting, relaxing, but also letting inspiration sweep me away as it sees fit. I think a good bout of inspiration refreshes us just as well as a nice nap. Don’t you agree?

You can learn and practice your craft for fun.

As creative entrepreneurs, we don’t often get to practice just for fun. If you choose to learn something new, it’s often out of necessity or because it will drive your business forward. When I’m on vacation, I can play around with new techniques that may or may not translate back into my business.

Do you travel often? Tell me what you love about the mixture of creativity and travelling! Share your thoughts on Instagram.