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Join my community of like minded photographers on a quest to enhance their businesses and lives.

With almost a decade of experience I have a ton to share with you. Stories, advice, tips and tricks, as well as empowering words that I’m certain will help you chase your dreams.

Come reach your goals with me!

Jessica Little Photography


I’m Jessica Little!
Since 2010 I have been working hard as a solopreneur, and photographer in Niagara. I’m in love with self improvement and can be found dreaming all the big things for my life.
My hope is to inspire you to do the same.

I feel energized daily by the joy in being a photographer in Niagara, a place in which I have always called home. This career, these clients, their photos – all a true blessing to my heart.

My work is composed of genuine documentation of a time unfolding in front of me. I won’t orchestrate you into poses but rather capture your truth in an artistic way. Most people call me a photographer, but I prefer to call myself a storyteller instead. Read more on my unique style and approach HERE.

Being a woman with a big heart, I feel compelled to pour a little love out into the world and photography community through mentorship and business coaching for other creative entrepreneurs as well. My aim is to help you build a life and a career that offers you joy, balance and financial abundance.

I believe there’s power in community, and I believe knowledge is meant to be shared. There’s always room at my table, so come on over and grab a seat.

This is my vision, my journey and my truth.

My dream is so much bigger than being a girl with a fancy camera taking pretty pictures. I want JLP to be known for offering a place where romantics find joy and comfort in expressing their love. By telling stories of the little moments in life, JLP captures the times that have the biggest impact on our hearts.

A photographer for life's dearest moments.

Aside from wrapping myself up in all things JLP love stories, I spend as much time as I can cherishing my own. A big part of my life is spent celebrating my roles as mother and wife! Gratitude fills me to the brim as I make it my mission to seek happiness in each day along side my husband, son and puppy dog.

Some of my Everyday Non-Negotiables:

  • A slow morning with a hot coffee
  • Daily Meditation Practice
  • Time spent reading a good book
  • Walking in the fresh air with my dog
  • Family time with my son and husband
  • Journalling to good music
  • Saying thank you and showing gratitude
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