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I’m Jessica Little!
Since 2010 I have been working hard as a solopreneur, and photographer in Niagara. I’m obsessed with self improvement and can be found dreaming all the big things for my life. My hope is to inspire you to do the same.

My life hasn’t always been this beautiful. I know first-hand the struggles of being broke, confused and defeated. But I do believe we all have the power to take control of our lives and make something extraordinary out of ourselves.

Being raised by a single mom and watching her struggle with my three sisters and me, I was determined to work hard. I became obsessed with my finances from a very young age. I never wanted to worry about the late notices, bounced cheques, or dodging the credit collectors. So, I put my head down and worked multiple jobs from the time I was 16 until becoming a mother at 29.

By the time I turned 21, all my friends were out enjoying their youth, and I was working around the clock. I bought myself a house, upgraded my car, sent myself on luxury trips, and had a bunch of money in the bank. I was doing it, living a life of security!

The novelty of that life wore off quickly, leaving me feeling empty without creative fulfillment. I was tired, unhappy, and on a search for deeper meaning. The search lasted six years, clocking into multiple jobs that left me exhausted, confused, and defeated – mindlessly going through the motions of life.

To calm my anxiety, I started photography. I took night classes at my local college to learn the basics. After the first night of the first course I was hooked. I wanted to learn everything about this craft and perfect the art of making beautiful images out of everyday life.

Not long after I had a breakdown at my kitchen table, through sobbing tears, I told my husband I had to shake up my life and reality. He reminded me that I could define this life (he’s always the best at the Danny Tanner talks). So, with his support I quit my day job, emptied my whole savings account and enrolled in my local college where I studied photography full time for the next two years.

For the first time since I was a young teenager, I was broke (but happy)! Through tired eyes I was smiling.

Nine years ago, I started down this path, and I’ve worked hard at building this business every day since. I still wake up, determined to learn something new. This is more than a career for me. This creative outlet is how I view the world. Today I feel so grateful to make a living by celebrating relationships, working with clients I love, and creating photographs that are sure to out live us all.

This is my journey. This is my truth.

My dream is so much bigger than being a girl with a fancy camera taking pretty pictures. I want JLP to be known for offering a place where romantics find joy and comfort in expressing their love. By telling stories of the little moments in life, JLP captures the times that have the biggest impact on our hearts.

A photographer for life's dearest moments.

Aside from wrapping myself up in all things JLP love stories, I spend as much time as I can cherishing my own. A big part of my life is spent celebrating my roles as mother and wife! Gratitude fills me to the brim as I make it my mission to seek happiness in each day along side my husband, son and puppy dog. Some of my Everyday Non-Negotiables:

  • A slow morning with a hot coffee
  • Time spent reading a good book
  • Walking in the fresh air with my dog
  • Family time with my son and husband
  • Saying thank you and showing gratitude
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